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ASK ME ANYTHING! - Taking Your Questions.

I’m going to be doing another Q & A video sometime soon, so if you’re feeling bored, creepy, or fancy some social interactions without the hassle of having to be face to face, why not drop me a question and I’ll include them in the vid. I’ll answer…more or less anything and everything.

Cheers guys.

The Strain S1/E7: For Services Rendered - Review (Spoilers)

Here’s my review for Episode 7 of The Strain, ‘For Services Rendered’.

The Strain S1/E6: Occultation - Review (Spoilers)

My reviews for The Strain continue with episode 6 ‘Occultation’. A fairly action packed episode that saw several of our main characters become well aware of New York’s vampiric infestation.

The Walking Dead: No Going Back has left me feeling depressed and angry, in..a good way? I just don’t know.

It was a great finale that really hammered home the whole ‘people are the biggest problem’ in this universe. The whole season has been very ‘people’ orientated, focusing on clashing personalities and agendas. 

Which is cool.

I’m just not certain that after checking out the other ending scenarios, I’m happy with the choice I made. The game literally forced things upon you in the most ‘in your face’ manner to date. It was effective, but left me feeling conflicted. 

In typical WD fashion characters were removed from the equation in sudden and tragic circumstances, some of which I was sure would be sticking around for some time…but that’s the nature of the franchise.

My Clementine has really changed. I still tried to have her be a good person, or do the ‘right’ thing, even though I would at times make cold choices. I think really, like most people, I tried to stay close to the characters I felt a connection to and tried to keep them as a close-knit group. This episode took a huge steaming shit all over that sensibility.

In the end though, it seems all the possible endings are slightly depressing or bittersweet, and I probably wouldn’t have been satisfied with any of them, this isn’t a happy world to be a part of. 

I regret some of the choices I’ve made, but it’s Clem’s journey, and as I have done for the entire two seasons, I’ll suck it up and stick to the path I’ve taken.

*Deep sigh*

The Walking Dead S2/Ep 5…

Currently downloading.

Have Telltale sped up with their releases?

I didn’t think this would be out so soon, they’ve jumped me again. Usually I’m monitoring this stuff like crazy because A) I love the series, and B) I have nothing better to do with my life…

Well it’s a pleasant surprise, and my evenings entertainment is sorted. I might do a general thoughts video on the season or something, it’s been pretty cool.

Although I’m thinking back to the excitement and devastation of the season 1 finale…and I’m worried this won’t really come close to it’s brilliance. 

In fact I’m almost certain it won’t.

Pray and play…

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