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Hajime Tabata: No playable female characters in Final Fantasy XV; is a road trip game

It looks like Final Fantasy XV is going to be a sausage fest as there will be no playable female characters, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of females in it!

4Gamer set down with new Final Fantasy XV Director Tabata laid out some new details on the highly anticipated RPG. 

4Gamer then mentions that the trailer and demonstration footage both focused on male characters, and that they get a feeling that it will be like a trip with guys. Meanwhile, they point out, we’ve only seen female characters in cutscenes.

“The party will only have male characters,” replies Tabata, “and that hasn’t changed since its previous form of [Final Fantasy Versus XIII].”

The interviewer also mentions that the trailer’s style and the way the characters were shown, gave off the vibe of a road movie, which is basically where the main characters leave home to travel from place to place, and are often put in situations that are different from their everyday lives, going on a wild adventure. In Final Fantasy XV‘s case, prince Noctis is on the run and will go on a journey with his buddies.

“Exactly. We’re designing it to be a road movie that you can experience as an RPG. You’ll feel the romance of going on a trip, and such,” Tabata says.

“Yes, we’re making Final Fantasy XV to have a strong road movie vibe to it,” explains Tabata. It’s a part of the game in which we’re placing great importance.”

I made a friend watch…

The Nightmare Before Christmas for the first time.

He enjoyed it. Damn straight, it’s fantastic.

It was quite difficult to get him to watch it though.

'I'm not really in an animation mood.'

'Dude you're missing out, it's fucking beautiful. How have you not seen it.'

'I've seen bits of it.'

'It must be experienced as a whole.'

'Let's wait until Halloween.'

'The great thing about it is you can watch it at Christmas or Halloween'

'And it is currently neither of those.'

'Mate it's beautiful you can watch it anytime alright. …..Alright.'

'Alright. Put it on.'


'Well, what did you think.'

'It was pretty good.'

'PRETTY GOOD. What are you saying?!'

'It was better than I thought it would be. …The animation is still really good.'


'Yeah….not bad.'

'Fucking HELL mate.'

Blu-ray Update - September 2014

My movie collection update for September features killing machines from the future, man-eating worms, revenge and …Disney’s Tangled. Yeah.

The Strain S1/E8: Creatures Of The Night - Review (Spoilers)

Here’s my review for episode 8 of The Strain ‘Creatures Of The Night.’

This episode saw our team fighting off a vampire siege while trapped in a gas station.

ASK ME ANYTHING! - Taking Your Questions.

I’m going to be doing another Q & A video sometime soon, so if you’re feeling bored, creepy, or fancy some social interactions without the hassle of having to be face to face, why not drop me a question and I’ll include them in the vid. I’ll answer…more or less anything and everything.

Cheers guys.

The Strain S1/E7: For Services Rendered - Review (Spoilers)

Here’s my review for Episode 7 of The Strain, ‘For Services Rendered’.

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