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The Strain S1/E5: Runaways - Review (Spoilers)

Here’s my review for the fifth episode of The Strain, ‘Runaways’.

30 Days of Night - Steelbook Review

A quick overview for the 30 Days of Night Blu-ray Steelbook.

The Strain S1/E4: It’s Not For Everyone - Review (Spoilers)

Here’s my review for episode 4 of The Strain!

As his friends conduct an autopsy on Redfern’s transformed body, Jim makes a startling confession. Meanwhile, Gus gets a new job and Ansel takes desperate measures to protect his family.

Guardians of the Galaxy - Movie Review

It’s here. The most risky, wacky, and ambitious addition to Marvel’s cinematic universe yet. Does it work?

Let’s talk about it.

GEEK SPEAK: The Walking Dead Season 5 - Trailer Review

Here are my thoughts on the Trailer for the fifth season of The Walking Dead, which will be shuffling back onto our screens in October!

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